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Organic & Eco Friendly Toys

Our Kenyan Fair Trade Hand-knit Dolls & animal collection is also crafted by Kenyan women using pure vegetable dyed yarn. Cows, pigs, roosters & sheep and our lovely mermaid. Non-toxic Watercolor Paints, block crayons & Stick Crayons for those little hands and Non-toxic natural wooden toys including our wood activity kits, natural wooden building blocks, wooden baby rattles and teethers, natural wood trucks, all for those little hands to play with. Get your children riding a natural wooden balance bike. When you purchase ORGANIC toys for your children you are investing in their health and the health of their planet! The truth about plastic toys... PVC (pthalates) the most toxic plastic, is most often used in soft children's products - bath toys, squeeze toys and teething rings. And since everything in those little hands goes into those little mouths & bodies. You should be very concerned. We DID NOT know that almost all soft plastic toys for infants and toddlers contain PVC (Phthalates) added to make the PVC soft and squishy to manufacture infant toys that are chewed and sucked primarily to relieve teething irritation. Some other nice ingredients such as heavy metals - Lead & Cadmium, are added to make the stiff type of PVC, more durable for use in older children's toys. These chemicals can leach out and show up in your children's blood and have been linked to cancer, kidney damage and interference and development of the reproductive system. Disposal of PVC plastic releases dioxins; known to be highly toxic even in small quantities. Therefore, it is best to ensure that PVC toys go to a landfill site, not to a municipal incinerator.(Oregon Toxics Alliance).

Zia & Tia Pure Luxury Organics is UpFront