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Eco Friendly Wooden Toys

The wood Maple Landmark uses to craft their Wooden toys is from native species. Rock maple primarily is used, as well as some pine and cherry. These are some of the best materials for wooden toys and gifts, we are fortunate to have them locally available. What do we do with our wood waste? We have a couple of local farmers who take away our sawdust for cattle bedding. Our wood scraps are put out for locals to use for kindling, wood heat being very common in Vermont in the winter months. Materials used in the crafting of our toys are below the detectable lead level of 10 ppm. The current federal standard is 600 ppm. While we never add lead to our products we will never claim our products to be "lead-free." Lead is a trace background element and cannot be 100% eliminated. Do not believe any claims of products being lead-free, it cannot be guaranteed. Although it is currently unnecessary to test for phthalates in our products, we have done so. We have passed all of those tests as well. FINISHES: Nothing at all: Yes, no finish at all, as seen on our new Schoolhouse Naturals line. With an enormous number of queries about all our finishes, we thought we would try a line that has had all of the finish concerns removed. So far, we've seen great interest.Natural Oil: New to us, this is an FDA approved plant oil based finish, often used on kitchenwares. No allergenic nuts are used. This is a true oil finish and does not shine nor set really hard. It does, however, leave a rich amber appearance on our wood. Check out our great selection of natural wooden toys, rattles, building blocks, large and small trucks and trains.

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