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  • Environmental Justice Foundation
  • Why we need to cleanup Cotton
  • Skin Deep- Safety guide to cosmetics & personal care products - Environmental Working Group
  • Skin Deep- Safety guide to Children's Personal Care Products - Environmental Working Group
  • Food News - EWG's research on organics and pesticides
  • Pollution it's in you - How you are exposed to toxic chemicals - Environmental Defence
  • Make your home a healthy home - How you are exposed to toxic chemicals - Environmental Defence
  • Top 10 Ways to Detoxify - Environmental Defence
  • Facts & Questions about Bamboo - International Network of Bamboo and Rattan
  • Organic Cotton Facts - Organic Trade Association
  • Organic Wool Fact Sheet - Organic Trade Association
  • Hemp Facts - Hemp Industries Association
  • Why Organic - Organic Trade Association
  • Health of the Planet and its Inhabitants - Organic Trade Association
  • Protecting the Next Generation - Organic Trade Association
  • DIAPERS! DISPOSABLE OR COTTON? Plus… How to Set Up a Cloth Diaper System - The O'Mama Report OTA
  • The O'Mama Report - Organic Trade Association
  • 10 Good Reasons To Go Organic - Organic Trade Association
  • Pesticides and Children - Pesticide Action Network North America
  • A Poison Kiss: Product Tests Find Lead in Lipstick - The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics
  • Population, poverty, health, consumption and the environment
  • Why we need to Clean Up Cotton - Environmental Justice Foundation
  • EWG's Guide to Infant Formula: Guide to Baby-Safe Bottles & Formula
  • EWG's Guide to Infant Formula
  • Down the Drain:in the Home-EWG
  • Down the Drain:in Pet Care-EWG
  • Down the Drain: What You Can Do-EWG
  • How Can You Tell If It's Really 'Green'?-EWG
  • How to Avoid Phthalates in Personal Care Products?-EWG
  • The Consumer Action Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Toys

  • Contaminated -genetically modified Foods - Fritjof Capra

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